The Life Enrichment Program is available to adults and transitional-aged youth (18 years of age and older) with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Ridgely, MD location. The program accommodates the changing interests, abilities, needs and goals of each individual by offering six different "Life Areas" from which participants may choose.


Creative Exploration: Weekly themes present opportunities for individuals to express their creative abilities through music, art, theater and culinary skills. All activities are designed to provide fine and gross motor skill exercise during the exploration of thought and creativity.

Independent Living: Topics in this area range from skill development, completing household chores and personal hygiene to financial management and home safety. The focus of each lesson is to prepare and promote independence.

Recreation: Communication and socialization skills are encouraged during planned activities and outings. Individuals are given opportunities to interact with each other and with members of the community while engaging in fun and stimulating experiences.

Physical Health: Necessary health care needs are provided in a protected and private environment. Opportunities for sensory activities and relaxation are offered in a safe and closely monitored area.

Vocational Exploration: Employment skills are the focus in this area. Individuals are taught self-directed skills to aid in interpersonal communication, job selection and application processes, interviewing, managing work-place stress and maintaining employment.

Community Integration: Once successful completion of Vocational Exploration is achieved, individuals are ready to enter the outside workforce through volunteer or paid experiences. Life Area Leaders serve as mentors and build relationships with community employers in order to support and encourage the employment process.



Day Services Contact: Maria Daniels, Senior Director of Program Services - East

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