At Caroline Center, Inc. we are committed to being strong and active advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Residential Program is designed to allow individuals to have access to the services and supports, within the agency and the community, they need to live their lives in the way that they choose.

Each licensed residential setting is staffed with Certified Medical Technicians who have been trained to attend to medical needs, directed by board-certified Registered Nurses, while encouraging self-advocacy and self-direction. Individuals are encouraged to make decisions regarding living arrangements, community integration and vacation planning. Daily living activities within the residences are tailored to meet the strengths, needs and preferences of each individual. Each Caroline Center, Inc. residence is organized to accommodate any need and diagnosis, enabling the residents to fully enjoy the home and surrounding community.


Within the Southern Maryland Region, Caroline Center, Inc. currently maintains 5 residential homes, located in Laurel and Silver Spring, Maryland. Each residence has been adapted to ensure complete physical accessibility for the residents.


Residential Services Contact: Marcus Handy, Senior Director of Program Services - West

(800) 441-9181 *21